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Raw Material

We source our raw materials from our own farms and directly from local coconut tree cultivators, ensuring the highest quality standards. Before entering our warehouse for storage, each raw material is thoroughly inspected to ensure that only the best materials are selected.

Fiber Extraction

The process of extracting fiber from raw coconut husks begins with our specialized coir beater machine that utilizes a beating principle.

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Pith Extraction Process from Coastal Coirs Limited.png

Pith Extraction

Using the Coir Beater, coconut husk pieces are processed to separate the pith from the fiber. As a result, fresh coconut pith was extracted from the machine's outlet conveyor.

Screening of Pith

Our experienced staff carefully screens the extracted pith to ensure that only the highest quality material proceeds to the manufacturing process after passing rigorous testing.

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Washing of Pith from Coastal Coirs Limited.png

Washing of Pith

The washing plays a role in reducing the naturally occurring salt content in coir pith, and then we further wash the material to eliminate any residual impurities. Through a specialized sprinkling system, we conduct an extensive washing process that spans multiple weeks until we achieve precise EC and pH levels in accordance with RHP standards.

Drying of Pith

After washing, the pith is left to dry naturally under the sun in our spacious drying yards, which guarantees the absence of weeds and harmful pathogens in the material.

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Compressing the Pith from Coastal Coirs Limited.png

Compressing to Material

After the pith has been dried, it is removed from the drying yards and introduced into our compressing machines. Our goal is to optimize efficiency for our growers, so the dried pith is compressed into coco peat blocks, or coco peat bricks, or grow slabs.

Ensuring the Quality

After compressing the blocks, they undergo a thorough inspection process to ensure their quality. Our dedicated team of quality control professionals guarantees that our products are free of contaminants such as weeds, stones, sand, and harmful pathogens, enabling us to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

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Packing of Goods

After compression, the blocks are packed into either carton boxes, UV bags, or directly into disinfected wooden pallets in a careful arrangement to ensure hygiene levels are maintained. Following this, the pallets are covered with multiple layers of stretch wrap film to prevent any contact with moisture in the air.

Transportation & Shipping

The products are transported directly from our factory to the growers worldwide.

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Continuous Optimization

Focusing on improving processes and seeking out new technologies and best practices, helps us to increase efficiency and improve the quality of the products.

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