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Coastal Substrates
Lay Flat Grow Bags

Lay Flat Grow Bag or Hydroponics Grow Bag from Coastal Coirs Limited

Coastal Substrates Lay-Flat Grow Bags have been a popular choice among growers due to their versatility in growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers. These grow bags feature a unique blend of coco peat and coco husk chips in the form of a coco slab, which provides an ideal balance of air porosity and re-hydration ratio for hydroponic use.

Additionally, Coastal Substrates Lay-Flat Grow Bags are filled with coarse-grade coco peat, making them perfect for growing vegetables, soft fruits, and cut flowers in the greenhouse or poly house tunnels.

The Mix Ratio, Size, and Drain & Planting Holes can be altered as per your requirement.

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