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Hydroponics Strawberry Farming by using Coastal Coirs Limited Lay-Flat Grow Bags

The Complete Farming Solution

Coco Coir pith from Coastal Coirs Limited for Horticulture and Hydroponics

Coastal Coirs

Why to choose us.

At Coastal Coirs Limited, We are committed to Environmental Sustainability and minimizing our impact on the Planet. We will strive to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing Eco-Friendly practices throughout our Manufacturing Process and promoting the use of Renewable Energy Sources. We will also work to ensure that our Products are 100% Bio-Degradable and promote Sustainable Agriculture practices. Our goal is to be a leader in Sustainable Coco Peat Production, and we will continue to invest in research and development to achieve this vision.


"We understood that growing a crop and choosing a growing medium for a crop was not an easy process"

"So at Coastal Coirs Limited, We offer a wide variety of growing solutions to choose the best growing medium for your crops"

Production Process



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